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Avery Association for Exceptional Citizens, Inc.
DBA Yellow Mountain Enterprises and Avery County Group Home

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Financial Support  -  Your gift is tax-deductible

I have enclosed a gift of $  
I have enclosed a gift of $ in memory/honor of  
I will pledge $ per month beginning  

I will sponsor a person in Yellow Mountain Enterprises Program for a year at: 
$100/mo   $200/mo  $300/mo Other

I will double my gift by having my company match my donation: Name of Company  
I will designate my United Way or Combined Fund Drive contribution to AAEC  
I will designate stocks, securities, properties to Avery Association for Exceptional Citizens  
I will include Avery Assocation for Exceptional Citizens in my will  



Volunteer Involvement
I am interested in exploring volunteer opportunities with AAEC
Area of interest



Public Awareness  
I will increase public awareness for AAEC by lining up a speaking opportunity
at my church, civic or community group
I will provide you with a grant, family trust, or foundation contact  

I will promote AAEC by

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  Phone  E-mail  

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Thank you very much!


Mail to: Yellow Mountain Enterprises
           PO Box 548
      Newland, NC 28657

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